Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Corona first female patient dies in Chitral

Corona situation in Chitral

Chitral (Today's Chitral 17 June 2020) The first female patient of Karuna died in Chitral.  Dr. Shamim of MSDHQ Hospital Chitral told the media. 

Zar Than, a resident of Garm Chashma, was admitted to the isolation ward of DHQ Hospital.  He already had asthma and other illnesses.  On which she was admitted, her test was sent to Peshawar, during which she died, but her coronary test came positive.  The deceased woman was of 80 years old.  MS said that his funeral was done under SOP.  And his family members have been quarantined.  This is the first case of corona virus in Lower Chitral the patient died after a test at DHQ Hospital Chitral.  Earlier, the deceased was also from Lower Chitral but his test was done in Peshawar.  

Three villages of Upper Chitral have been sealed. This is the first time that three villages in Upper Chitral have been sealed at the same time and no one is being allowed to enter and leave the sealed villages.  Sealed villages include Mor Gram Bonni, Bell Dori Reshun and Sayedandur Koragh.  The move by Deputy Commissioner Upper Chitral Shah Saud came at a time when 17 people tested positive on the same day, most of them from these villages.  Upper Chitral police have cordoned off the sealed villages and traffic is completely closed.  So far, 765 people have been tested for corona in Lower Chitral.  Out of which 683 results were negative and 82 were positive.  Of the 48 recovered, 34 are in isolation.  Despite increasing cases of the corona virus, a large section of the public is still unwilling to comply with the SOP.  And the circle still calls it a government or external conspiracy.  Therefore, effective action is required by the police.  So that people can ensure the safety of their lives and the lives of others.

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