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The "Lone On" Festival of Upper Chitral is over. What is "Lone On" Festival find out in this report

Lone On Fastival, Bulls fighting Between Lone and Owir

Celebration "Lone On" Festival ends.
Bulls Fighting

Upper Chitral (Today's Chitral Report) The celebration of "Lone On", which is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of July, ended with all its splendor. In the celebration of Lone On, a fight takes place between the oxen of two villages, Lone and Ower. Lone On, which is very close to Tirchamir. There is grass spread over a wide area. The people of Lone and Ower come here every year on the first Sunday of July with their oxen, and after making Bulls fighting, they leave their oxen here. So that they can eat grass and stay here. And they leave the oxen here for more than two months. 

And people from remote areas of Chitral also come to see this festival. In the past, people used to walk three hours to reach here. But now the road has been built and extended to Lone On. Mostly people from Lone side now use Vehicles and motorcycles to reach Lone Oon. Some people go two or three days before the festival and camp here. 
Here you will find beautiful and powerful bulls. These bulls are raised for fighting purposes only. 
If you start your journey from Chitral Town towards Lone On, it can take you five to six hours by vehicle. The way to "Lone On" from Lone is very easy, however the road from Ower is extremely difficult.

Mostly "lone" wins the competition. This year too, Lone managed to win the competition while maintaining its tradition. 

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