Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Unsuccessful assassination attempt on US President Trump during a press conference

The assailant was injured by presidential security personnel.

 The assailant was injured by presidential security personnel. Two shootings occurred in the capital. Statement by US security agencies

Washington (Today's Chitral News Latest - August 11, 2020) Trump survived the failed assassination attempt on US President Donald Trump during a press conference. The assailant was injured by presidential security personnel. According to details, US President Donald Trump was holding a press conference on the lawn of the White House when a gunman entered the White House compound and started firing. The assailant was seriously injured when the security personnel returned fire.

The White House says a gunman was shot dead near the White House, after which intelligence officials escorted the president to a safe place from a press conference.

However, Trump returned shortly afterwards to answer the rest of the reporters' questions and said that the accident had been brought under control. The shootings took place on 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in the presence of a US Secret Service official, according to tweets from the US Secret Service. The incident is currently being investigated.

Several journalists present at the scene said the shooting took place inside the White House and reported that the target of the attack was President Trump, while several journalists called the attack an attempt to gain notoriety in the election campaign because Compared to Biden, President Trump understands that he will lose the election, so he wants to win sympathy and such incidents may happen in the future.

Washington police and security agencies say there have been two separate shootings in the capital. One person and an intelligence official have been taken to a local hospital. White House boundaries were not violated at any point during the incident, and security personnel were never at risk. During a press briefing in the White House briefing room, President Donald Trump was speaking when suddenly an intelligence official said he would have to go out in the morning and then an official climbed onto the stage and whispered in his ear. As he left Rome, Trump's voice said, "Oh, this is what is happening." The White House was locked down during the crash.

When President Trump returned about nine minutes later, he told reporters that "as far as I understand, an intelligence official has shot a suspected gunman." "Someone has been taken to hospital," he said. President Trump acknowledged that this was an unusual situation, but he also praised the intelligence agency's professionalism. The president said the incident took place outside the White House and had been contained. There was actually a shooting and someone was taken to hospital but I don't know anything about their condition.

Trump told reporters he did not know if the suspect had done so out of personal resentment. "I have nothing to do with it," he said. A journalist asked President Trump if he was shocked by the incident. "It simply came to our notice then. "It's sad that the world is like this, but this world has always been dangerous. It's not something that's unique," he said. If you look at the past centuries, you will find that the world has been a dangerous place, a very dangerous place, and it will be a dangerous place for a while.

He told reporters that he was taken from the briefing room to the Oval Office while the briefing room was also locked.

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