Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The young man had his kidney removed and thrown on the road, the reality of viral images on social media came to light

This is a complete lie, there is no sign of kidney removal on the body of the young man, the young man is undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit after being injured in a road accident.  Statement of Dr. Sami Jamali

Karachi (Today's Chitral Latest. March 16, 2021) For the last three days, three pictures of a young man have gone viral on social media in which he can be seen lying on a hospital bed with a pipe attached to his mouth.  However, the condition of the young man in the pictures seems to be very bad. However, the claims made on social media about the pictures of the young man were quite shocking.

Below the photo shared on social media, users wrote that the young man had been missing for three days and that someone had taken him to the hospital after removing his kidney and that he was now fighting a life-and-death battle in the hospital's ICU.  A man claimed that Obaid had been missing for a few days and today someone took out his kidney and threw it on the side of the road.

When the photos surfaced on social media, users kept sharing them to create more excitement instead of confirming.

However, the incident reported on social media has nothing to do with reality. Karachi's Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals in the country.  According to media reports, when the director of the hospital, Sami Jamali, was contacted, he said that it was a complete lie that the kidney of the youth had been removed and left in a deserted place.

He added that there was no sign of kidney removal on the body of the young man. According to Dr. Sami Jamali, the young man was actually the victim of a road accident and suffered head injuries and is now being treated in the hospital's intensive care unit.  According to Dr. Sami Jamali, the young man is unconscious and doctors are trying to save his life but his condition is not good due to head injury.

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